AIS-PERT Workshop on "Ethnographic Research Methods in Information Systems"

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the ISWorld Net Virtual Meeting Center (VMC) sponsored the second AIS-PERT virtual workshop on the subject of "Ethnographic Research Methods in Information Systems."

The details of the second AIS-PERT workshop were as follows:

Topic: "Ethnographic Research Methods in Information Systems"
Date: 8-11 March 1999
AIS-Pert Workshop Leader: Michael D. Myers, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Site: VMC@Temple University

AIS-Pert Workshop - original announcement

AIS-Pert Workshop - archive of the discussions (click the "guest" button)

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This living work was published in MISQ Discovery on May 20, 1997. The originally accepted work is available in the MISQ Discovery Archive. This living version is maintained by Michael D. Myers. Corrections, clarifications, and suggested modifications should be directed to him at